What Do I Need To Run Xwire Linux?

To get started you will need a board, a couple of radios, compact flash if it is not already attached to your board, and a PXE server or compact flash writer.

With the Xwire router software, network designers can create flexible network components with different performance requirements while using a common software architecture to build networks that are manageable, secure, and upgradeable.

Download Images

To evaluate Xwire Linux, the following images have been prepared for the following hardware platforms.


Note:  These images are currently not online.  If you want to try an image for your board please email and one will be made available.


soekris net45xx (amd elan)

soekris_net48xx (nsc geode)

pcengines wrap (nsc geode)

commell le363 (geode gx)

commell le364 (via c3)

kendin ks8695p (arm922t)

norco np6718 (intel ixp42x)


Flash Instructions

In some cases a PXE server may be needed to flash boards. If the board supports a removable CF card then use a IDE compact flash adapteri to flash the image on to the compact flash.


Installation of the CF Image using Linux

Under Linux, flash the image imagename.gz to the CF card by issuing the following commands:

gunzip imagename.gz
dd if=imagename of=/dev/hde

Installation of the CF Image using MS Windows NT/2000/XP

Under MS Windows NT/2000/XP, it is easiest to flash the image to CF is to use the command line tool physdiskwrite.exe as follows:

physdiskwrite.exe imagename

Ready For Power On?

Before powering on the board with the compact flash inserted be sure that both wireless devices have been install. This will ensure that the first time boot process will properly discover and complete the installation procedure properly.

For default configuration and additional configuration information, consult the online documentation.