We are a team of international embedded engineers that have developed an open source Linux distribution as a turnkey wireless network router to study 802.11 wireless ad-hoci mesh networking technologies. Our mission is to provide the simpliest and most flexible operating system for use on COTS hardware to enable the greatest flexibility while maintaining a consistent management and adminstration interface across all platforms.


Xwire is a wireless software infrastructure team supplying apertures, software, and services to help communities and businesses deploy and manage wireless network solutions.

Xwire is a team of technologist from Taiwan, Ukraine, Siberia, Netherlands, and America. Xwire is committed to building relationships and providing the best wireless in networking solutions at a cost effective price, which meet the needs of the greater community of network builders and users.

Xwire is a developer of infrastructure software and network services for wireless Internet access. Wireless Internet access or WiFii works in the unregulated spectrum, which belongs to the community. With Xwire WiFi technology, communities can build their own wireless Internet networks and operate them as they choose.

Communities who want to build their own networks use Xwire for indoor and outdoor deployments. With the Xwire Router's intelligent software, community network builders have a fast, simple, and flexible way to build their own networks, while leaving room for future growth. Xwire's unique, flexible, and modular product design protects network investment by remaining open to new network features and future innovations without the having to replace deployed equipment.

Xwire lowers the barriers of entry to the WiFi market by creating cost effective solutions that are simple to use, putting control of the wireless Internet in the hands of its users. By planning strategically, communities can minimize the support and management impact of their wireless network growth, and begin to take advantage of the reduced costs, convenience, and productivity benefits of an Xwire network deployment.