Embedded Software Features

Xwire Router software built from scratch and is completely cross compiled distribution. This is an optimized and hardened Linux based network operating system complete with a default "turn on and go" configuration. Software features include:

Value Added Enhancements
SSL Proxy to OLSR metrics and visualization data
Status and control XMLi API over HTTPi SSL-TLS between router and central management server
IPv6 integration including gateway tunneling broker and ad-hoci interface autoconfiguration addressing
Consistent administration and management across all target platforms
Wireless interface bonding to obtain higher throughput over point to point links
And more...


Embedded Wireless Linux Design
This low memory footprint system can run in 32MB RAM from an 8MB image and is typically demonstrated on COTS hardware using 64MB to 128MB RAM from a 32MB flash.

MTD Flash or Compact Flash Support
Compact Flash Recovery and Protection
Custom Firewall
Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI):
(Prevent from the attack of IP-Spoofing, Zero IP Length, Land,
Smurf, Fraggle, Teardrop, Pingi of Death, Syn-Flood, X-tree)

IP/PORT Filters
DHCPi IP Address Assignment
Dynamic DNSi
NTPi Time Management
MACi Masquerading
NATi Gateway
Raduis Support
Zeroconf Enabled
IPv6 Migration Support
Open Protocol Mesh Enabled: OSPF weighted, AODV, or OLSR (default)
Bandwidth Management
PPPoEi Suport
802.1x User Authentication
Dynamic Fault Tolerant Routing
Resource Load Balancing
Virtual Addresses
Virtual Private Networks
SNMP Management
Wireless Security: Up to 128-bit WEPi encryptioni, WPAi, and RSN support
Secure Multiuser Web Management System
Secure SSH Remote Access
Secure SSL Traffic Management

Support for various hardware platforms and wireless network interfaces.