Scan Routers

Click Scan in the right pane to open the Wireless Scan screen.

Figure 4-15: The Wireless Scan (WWAN) screen.

Use this screen to see which wireless access points and routers are available for the Xwire WWAN to connect to and find a route or a redundant route to the Internet. This screen shows current activity between the wireless WAN interface (the value in the "From" column and the listed MACi address. Depending on the configuration of each connection, information on the SSIDi, security, channel, mode, RSS (dBm), and Rate (Mb/s) is also shown.

This screen is useful in determining if there are channel collisions for the channel chosen for the WLANi, yes WLAN. It also helps determine what other wireless devices are in range to connect to (or avoid) for alternate routes for your wireless router.