IPv6 Migration Connection

If you use the IPv6 protocol, click IPv6 in the right pane to open the IPv6 Settings screen.



Figure 4-6: The IPv6 Migration Connection Settings screen.

Use this screen to create a 6to4 tunnel to a Tunnel Broker.  

  • Enable 

  • Enable Router Service
  • User Name
  • Password
  • wwan
  • IPv6-in-IPv4

This screen allow you to select enable or disable IPv6 Migration. If Enable is set a tunnel is established and the router endpoint will be assigned an routable IPv6 address from the Tunnel Broker. The User and Password fields are used to enter account information. User 'anonymous' establishes a temporary account.  To obtain a permanent account, register for credentials at www.freenet6.org

If Enable Router Service is enabled , the WAN interface will be assigned an routable IPv6 address based on the IPv6 prefix address assigned by the Tunnel Broker.  Then a router advertisement services is started to assist all new routers in autoconfiguring the WWAN interface with a unique IPv6 address.   Only one gateway router needs to be configure in this way to manage automatic IPv6 assignment.  It is also recommended to obtain a permanent account.

After you make changes to this screen, click Update to apply and save those settings. Note that only the changes you made on the current screen are applied and saved.