DHCP Settings

If your Xwire router is serving as a DHCPi server in order to provide shared Internet connections to multiple client computers that use TCP/IPi, use the DHCP Server Settings screen to set up the networking information for these connections. Click DHCP in the right pane to open the DHCP Server Settings screen.

Figure 4-4: The DHCP Settings screen.

First, select an interface from the list and click Select. Then complete the following fields:

  • Enable: Whether this device is enabled or disabled.

  • Maximum Lease Time: The maximum amount of time that a client can retain an IP address that was assigned to it by the DHCP server.

  • Starting IP Address: The first IP address client connections should be offered.

  • Number of Users: How many simultaneous client connections are allowed.

  • DNSi 1 Address: The IP address of the DNS server through which client computers should connect.

  • DNS 2 Address: The IP address of an alternate DNS server, if available.

  • WINS Server Address: If your network uses a WINS Server for name resolution, enter the IP address of the WINS Server machine here.

After you make changes to this screen, click Update to apply and save those settings. Note that only the changes you made on the current screen are applied and saved.