Time Settings

To open the Time Settings screen, click Time in the right pane.

Figure 4-3: The Time Settings screen.

This screen displays the current time and allows you to change which NTP (Network Time Protocoli) Server to use. You can specify a primary, secondary, and user defined server, as well as a time zone. If you enter a value in the User Defined text box, that server is tried first, before the primary and secondary servers are tried.

After you make changes to this screen, click Update to apply and save those settings. Note that only the changes you made on the current screen are applied and saved.


Choices are:

  • Worldwide (pool.ntp.org)

  • Asia (asia.pool.ntp.org)

  • Europe (Europe.pool.ntp.org)

  • Oceania (oceania.pool.ntp.org)

  • North America (north-america.pool.ntp.org)

  • Redhat/all (clock.redhat.com)


The secondary choices are the same as the choices in the primary field. The only difference is that you are specifying which NTP server to use if your first choice becomes unavailable.

User Defined

If you want to use a specific, not listed NTP server, enter the IPi address of that server here.