Identity Settings

Click Identity from the list on the right to open the System Settings screen.

System Settings

Figure 4-1: The System Settings screen.

This information on this screen is used to identify your router and provide basic information about it. The firmware version of the router and the original MACi address are displayed on this screen, as well as the following system information, which you can change:

  • Router Name

  • Domain Name
  • Location (street address)
  • Country Code
  • City Code
  • Postal Code
  • Current WAN MAC Address
  • Block WAN DNSi Resolution
  • DNS 1 Address
  • DNS 2 Address
  • Enable Remote Logging
  • Remote Logging Address

After you make changes to this screen, click Update to apply and save those settings. Note that only the changes you made on the current screen are applied and saved.