Managing the Xwire Router

There are two ways to configure the access pointi: via ssh and serial ports. To configure via ssh, see the default configuration above for information about which IPi addresses to use, what interfaces are available, and what to expect.

Accessing using ssh connection

With an ssh client, the Xwire Router can be accessed at any one of the interfaces. However, because the sshd daemon and networking does not start until after the Xwire Router is fully operational, many of the log messages that are visible under serial connections are not available. These can be examined via the dmesg command line. The only requirement to make ssh connections is a wireless or wired network adapteri card that has a route to the Xwire Router and a ssh client.

Accessing using serial console connection

With serial connections you will need a computer with terminal software such as TeraTerm (Windows) or Microcom for (Linux), a null modem cable, and a serial port on your computer, configure the communication software to set the following parameters.

Baudrate: 38400
Datbits: 8
Stop: 1
Parity: N

Once a successful connection has been established, a login shell will appear in your terminal session.