Benefits of Using the Xwire Router


Using Xwire technology for your network provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces dependency of traditional wired broadband services

  • Allows growth of network coverage—you can use it while you build it

  • Increases network reliability by using multiple routing choices; outages will not cripple the entire network service

  • Reduces deployment costs with simplified provisioning

  • Eliminates hot spots and creates hot zones instead

  • Replaces hard-wired broadband with a wireless backhaul

  • Covers larger areas with a single infrastructure deployment

  • Increases network reliability by using multiple routing choices

  • Eases troubleshooting with self healing network architectures and intelligent, dynamic, self-tuning network configuration software

  • Provides physical flexibility, as it is designed for both indoor and outdoor WAN deployment

  • Easy to configure using Xwire Management, the Web-based management utility for administrators

Figure 1-2: Xwire routers communicate with each other to provide broad wireless access.