Router Registration and Monitoring

The Xwire router system is now equiped with a secure XMLi RPC service which is used to send and receive system commands and notifications to a centrally located Network Control Panel. The router service (client-ng) uses a user certificate and certificate authority (CA) cerficate to authenticate with a central Network Control Panel server, establish an SSL session, and deliver an XML message. One of these messages is a registeration message which issues a serial number used for subsiqent message requests. The serial number is automatically obtained once the router can establish a connection to the Internet. The other implemented message is a status message that is periodically sent to the Network Control Panel server to monitor the status of the router. All routers can be viewed and monitored from the Network Control Panel server.

To configure this service, first locate the assigned router serial number from Management Utility System Identity screen.



Then register for and login to your Network Control Panel account. Next click Routers on the menu bar to view a list of managed routers.


First go to the Management Utility and ensure that the routers locked user 'cp' has a password established.


Then go to the Control Panel and located the gateway routers serial number. Click on the serial number to go to the Router Details. Enter a Router FQDN or IP and the RPC password which matches the one set in the routers Management Utility 'cp' user.


Finally, the View label will appear in the Topology column. The View link will go to the gateway router, establish an SSL session with the gateway router, retrieve OLSR routing information, and draw a network visualization map similar to the one depicted below.

Note:  It is important that Enable Mesh Visualzation is enabled in Routing Settings on the border router.