Centralize IP Allocation

The Centralize IPi Allocation feature allows adminstrator the ability to issue community users IP addresses from the a central server or border gateway router. At least one gateway or border router should be Enable as the Server. This server requires a fixed address for and listens on the WWAN for DHCPi requests forwarded from other routers on behalf of other routers community users. These other routers are enabled and configured as Relay routers and request at least a Primary IP server to unicast and forward DHCP requests to the central Server.




        Figure 4-20: The Centralize IP Allocation screen.

This service will create a single transparent subnet for all community users attaching to the network.

Note: For backward compatibility with other releases busybox udhcpd is used by default as the DHCP server. Enabling Central IP as a server can be used if the adminstrator wishes to simply replace udhcpd with dnsmasq for the DHCP server.