What Does Xwire Linux Do?

Xwire Router software is an optimized and hardened Linux based network operating system complete with a default "turn on and go" mesh configuration.

Software Features

Embedded Wireless Linux Design
Low Memory Footprint:
(Runs in 32MB using 17MB Root File System)
MTD Flash or Compact Flash Support
Compact Flash Recovery and Protection
Custom Firewall
Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI):
(Prevent from the attack of IPi-Spoofing, Zero IP Length, Land,
Smurf, Fraggle, Teardrop, Pingi of Death, Syn-Flood, X-tree)
IP/PORT Filters
DHCPi IP Address Assignment
Dynamic DNSi
NTPi Time Management
MACi Masquerading
NATi Gateway
Raduis Support
Zeroconf Enabled
IPv6 Migration Support
Open Protocol Mesh Enabled:
(OSPF weighted, AODV, or OLSR)
Bandwidth Management
PPPoEi Suport
802.1x User Authentication
Dynamic Fault Tolerant Routing
Resource Load Balancing
Virtual Addresses
Virtual Private Networks
SNMP Management
Wireless Security:
(Up to 128-bit WEPi encryptioni, WPAi, and RSN support)
Secure Multiuser Web Management System
Secure SSH Remote Access
Secure SSL Traffic Management