Radio Frequencyi (RF) has an inherent ability to go through physical barriers (e.g., walls). This presents an immediate security problem, because the most common security model for wired LANs is achieved by limiting physical access to a building, thereby controlling access to the wall jacks that are the physical edge of the network. However, aside from the physical barriers that prevent eavesdropping, there is no real difference as to how security should be treated between a wireless Ethernet network interface cardi (NIC) and a wired Ethernet NIC.

Remote Office Solution
Unlike the Wireless Encryptioni Protocol (WEPi), the Xwire network uses superior and reliable Virtual Private Networki (VPN) security, which network administrators already trusts and knows how to manage. As long as the VPN gateway and the access pointi are outside the firewall, all traffic will be encrypted, regardless if it is wireless or wired.

Secure Router Communications
The Xwire Router provides APi-to-AP security integrated directly into the network operating system.

Secure Clients
To secure client connections over the radio, the Xwire Router software supports WEP using 64 or 128-bit data encryption keys and up to 256-bit keys using WPAv1 and RSN (WPAv2) which are both specified by 802.11i. Alternatively, VPN protocols can be used to secure client to router and router to router wireless communications.

Secure Network Router

The Xwire Router contains a hardened default Linux network operating system.

Secure Management

The Xwire Router allows SSH and HTTPi over SSL for remote administration.

Secure User Access and Authorization Security

User access can be maintained using several methods:

MACi Address - Each client network card is registered with the Xwire Router

Radius - An enterprise protocol to authenticate and account for network clients.

RADIUS Accounting

RADIUS-based ACL for IEEEi 802.11 authentication

IEEE 802.1X and dynamic WEP re-keying

3rd Party Authentication Systems - Compatible with access authentication services for managing pre-pay cards and subscriptions